Short Description:

Working load limit(WLL):1-5T.

.Standard design clamp for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures.

.The spring-loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force.

.Clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.

.The main body and the shackle are made of die-forged special alloy steel , which are optimally tempered for maximum strength and durability.

.High-frequency quenching of die-forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.


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Model Capacity (KG) Running test load (KN) Opening size(MM)
Net weight(KG)
E-0001 1000 19.6 0-22 3.6
E-0002 2000 39.2 0-30 6
E-0003 3000 58.8 0-35 9.2
E-0005 5000 98 0-50 16.5

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