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Our double ratchet drive 1 ton cable puller comes with drop forged safety hooks, with 12-foot pull this cable come along is ideal for light duty pulling job. The come along features release one notch at a time, which is the most desirable feature in the pulling application.

This product is mainly applying to the forward pull, such as the mooring of a ship,the centering of a tree,the forward moving of the equipment and the package of the goods,Especially applying to the limitation. Besides ,there are many advantages of this product. Firstly,it has light weight ,small volume and compact conformationk. Secondly,it can stand wear and teer as well as corrosion resistant,Thirdly,it’s difficult to skid, it doesn’t damage the surface of the goods,it suits the frequently loading .And lastly,because of adopting the reasonable gang system and with its small arbor force, it can greatly reduce the damage of the steel wine , increase the function and it is convenient to operate.

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Model No Work Load
Test Load
 Dia. X Length N.W.
WRP-1 1 1.25 1.5 1210 410 Ø5MMX2.4M 3.17
WRP-1.5 1.5 1.875 2.8 1400 480 Ø5.5MMX2.4M 4.1
WRP-2 2 2.5 3.2 1400 480 Ø6MMX2.4M 4.25
WRP-3 3 3.75 3.55 1400 520 7.7MMX3M 6.25

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